Wednesday 14 May 2014

Check out this great review of About the Children

Check out this great review of my latest Police Procedural, About the Children, by Lizzie Hayes, the founder and editor-in-chief of Mystery People, the ezine that everybody who loves reading and writing crime fiction should subscribe to.

About The Children
by Carol Westron

The discovery of two boys shot dead, both under the age of twelve in a quiet suburban park
is a gruelling find. Assigned to the case is Superintendent Tyler head of Saltern's Serious
Crimes Team, and with his regular second-in-command on sick leave his new DI is Gill
Martin. There are however five victims, three dead; a woman and the two children, and two
wounded, a man and a young woman. As the SOCO team proceed to sift the evidence it be-
comes a possibility that there were three children present at the time of the attack, and if so
where is the third child?
Whilst his team try to establish the train of events, such as who was shot first, Tyler, Gill
Martin and his Sergeant Kerry Buller visit the parents. Jasmin and Ian Quantrull confirm that
their youngest child Charlie had gone to the park with his two brothers.
As Tyler and his team investigate the lives of the five victims, trying to establish a motive, the questions abound . Were these random killings? Who were the intended victims? But the overriding urgency is ‘Where is Charlie’
As complicated as is his job, so to is Tyler. Having recently returned from a course in the USA on children who commit violent acts Tyler reluctantly begins to look at the two boys . An avid reader Tyler has a habit of finding passages from books leaping into his mind as he goes about his job. Something that helps him make sense of the ugliness he so regularly encounters, but which he keeps locked away from his colleagues. It will be interesting to learn more of Tyler. And also of Gill Martin.
Complex and compelling this is a fascinating mystery and even as the layers of the lives of both victims and family members are stripped away, as the investigation progresses you will still be eagerly turning the pages to know the identity of the killer. A marvelous second book, I look forward to the next. Most highly recommended.
Reviewer: Lizzie Hayes

About the Children is published by Pentangle Press, April 2014.
ISBN: 978-1-4952-32107-7

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